surprised gd! >w<
previously: happy, pouty, and drunk gd

surprised gd! >w<

previously: happy, pouty, and drunk gd

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happy gd! feat. bang because that hairstyle was awesome :3
previously: drunk and pouty gd

happy gd! feat. bang because that hairstyle was awesome :3

previously: drunk and pouty gd

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110715 GD&TOP ft. Park Bom - Oh Yeah x
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G-Dragon x SAEM

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pouty gd :3
previously: drunk gd

pouty gd :3

previously: drunk gd

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G-Dragon : "Who You" - G Market Concert

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drunk gd chibi

I drew this because… well, why not? 

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140704 G-Dragon press44

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BIGBANG - To:ur Imagination.

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 G-Dragon being cute talking to his fans 

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somanystress said: YOUR ART IS CUTE ty for sharing it :>



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koreath said: What are your thoughts on gd's today song?

the falsetto is really impressive - even if only in the studio (I haven’t heard the live). it’s kinda like cafe in that aspect — gd’s live falsetto in cafe is amaaazing.

while today isn’t my favorite song in the album it has a nice beat and and it’s kinda interesting in that the lyrics are super upbeat (“today, I’m rocking my life away,” “I don’t care because we unintelligiblelyrics”) but the voice that gd chooses to use is not excited in the least bit and almost a bit tired. I can’t help but think, now, that it is very similar to the crooked concept. I’m probably wrong tho

the only qualms I have with the song are its use of auto tune and curse words. while they can be implemented in making the song more impactful or styled, in this song I felt that they were unnecessary. 

but all in all I thought it was a great song for casual listening. also the classic “LEGGO” haha. gd uses that in literally every live it’s cute :3

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G-Dragon x Saem

do not remove or recopy this quote.

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